High Country Academy offers assessments in reading and math. All assessments are delivered through an interactive and engaging web-based format that can be completed at home. After your child completes an assessment, Dr. Reeder will analyze their results and will schedule a consultation with you to discuss his/her performance.




  • Measures student reading ability across 8 sub-skills
  • Provides individualized assessment data
  • Creates a reading profile of your child

The reading assessment measures the following sub-skills: high-frequency words, word recognition, phonics, phonemic awareness, oral vocabulary, spelling, reading comprehension, and fluency.



K-7, Pre-Algebra, or Algebra

  • Measures mastery of mathematical concepts across 5 strands
  • Features oral reading to minimize reading difficulties
  • Provides individualized assessment data
  • Creates a math profile of your child

The math assessment tests the following mathematical strands: numbers and operations, algebra, geometry, data analysis, and measurement.


Each assessment is $75.00.

The cost includes the assessment, analysis of performance, detailed reports for you to take home, and a consultation.