Could your child benefit from a little extra support? 

Good summer programs with individualized instruction, parental involvement, and small group classes can keep children from falling behind and reduce the achievement gap.
— RAND Report, as cited in NY Times, July 27, 2011

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summer learning loss statistics

Don't let your child get caught in the summer slide!

Summer tutoring is the perfect opportunity to fill in holes and gaps, maintain learning, preview upcoming material, or get ahead. Think about the investment you have made in your child's learning.  Are you willing to back up 2-3 months?  How much remediation and intervention will they need come August just to be where they are right now?


Summer tutoring is the perfect solution.


We offer the following professional tutoring services:

Remediation & intervention supports | Enrichment & acceleration | SAT/ACT Prep | Study & organizational skills


One-on-one instruction is provided by a professional educator.

Sessions are 55 minutes in length. Students typically attend one or two sessions per week. Additional sessions can be provided as needed. Each session is $45 and payment is due at the beginning of each month.

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