Little Linguists Language Academy

Are you looking for tutoring for a foreign language?  Do you want to learn a foreign language?
Check out our friends at Little Linguists Language Academy!

Little Linguists Language Academy offers a full-immersion preschool and afterschool program. They also offer tutoring and group classes in Spanish, French, and German for school-age children and adults. Little Linguists strives to create an immersive learning environment where students can feel comfortable actively participating, developing imagination and cognitive skills, and become excited about learning a foreign language! 

For more information on what Little Linguists offers, visit their website, or contact director Dr. Carroll Olsen at  Don't forget to tell them that you heard about them at High Country Academy.

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mountain alliance 

We're excited to support all students in their academic efforts through our partnership with Mountain Alliance!

Started in 1990 as a nonprofit organization, Mountain Alliance strives to empower students of all socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds to actively engage in their learning experiences and strive for academic success. This organization provides students with a safe, supportive environment, wherein they can develop an increased sense of self,  a passion for lifelong learning, and a commitment to environmental stewardship. Through adventure and service outings, students see the impact their actions have on themselves and the rest of their team. 

For more information on Mountain Alliance, visit their website, or contact director Zack Green at