All packages include a free one-hour initial consultation


Junior Year Package

Focuses on creating a game plan to hit the college planning process head-on

Includes the following one-on-one coaching sessions:

Student Assessment (2 hours)

Helps the student identify their strengths, aptitudes, and fields of interest through testing, parent input, and a one-on-one interview.

Finance 101 (2 hours)

Designed for the student and parent, this coaching session focuses on the basics of financial aid, using net price calculators, and avoiding student debt.

goal setting & timeline development (1 hour)

Student and coach develop a personal action plan regarding next steps in the college admissions process.


Career Research (1 hour + research)

Student works with their coach to identify and explore fields of interest through strategic research.

college list development (1 hour)

Based on results from previous coaching sessions, the student will create a personalized list of colleges that fit their unique personality, interests, and budget. With the coach, the student develops a timeline and plans for college visits.


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Senior Year Package

Focuses on planning, organizing, and managing the senior year

This package features:

Academic Profile Preparation

This step analyzes the student's academic profile and provides a quality resume.

college application guidance

Guided application submission and follow-up (up to 5 schools)

Finance 102

Designed for parents, this coaching session focuses on the FAFSA and takes a more detailed look at the budget.

College Selection Guidance

Assists the students and their parents in selecting the best college

5 hours of one-on-one coaching

Coaching sessions will be spread throughout the school year to help students navigate the college application and selection process.

College Planner Pro Account

This resource is a master tracking software that assists students in keeping track of deadlines, applications, resumé, and test scores.

Note: A pre-requisite for this package is the student assessment that is provided in the Junior Year Package. If the student requires this assessment, there will be an additional $50 charge.


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Ala Carte Packages

Just need a little help?  We've got you covered.

Perfect Fit Package

Through a personality assessment, the coach works with the student to identify their strengths, skills, and aptitudes to match the student with career fields that complement their personality and interests. This includes the personality assessment, a detailed results report and analysis, and a 1-hour consultation.


Career Path Development Package

Using a Career Interest Inventory, the coach provides training on career research and decision-making. This package includes the Career Interest Inventory, a detailed results report and analysis, and a 1-hour consultation.



College Planning Notebook

This resource helps high school students navigate, organize, and plan the college admissions process.